As a young person, I could never decide what I wanted to become.
I just followed my intuition and did what I liked.

Hairdresser, bartender, photographer…who would have thought all these jobs would lead me here?
If you believe Steve Jobs (connecting the dots), then it all makes sense.
The passionate pursuit of all these professions gave me 
a unique skill set that aligns perfectly with my current career.

All of these qualities in combination make me a remarkable colorist.
My 10 years in the advertising photography business prepared me for the intense pace of the post office,
I also refined my skills in customer contact, workflow efficiency, and delivering on high expectations.

Since 2017, I have been working as a young colorist for brands like
Techem, DWS, Deutsche Bahn, Losteria and Ferrero.

I'm looking forward to our sessions - accompanied by Bossa-Nova, cappuccino and lots of laughter.